What Is Your Favorite Disney Thrill Ride?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.. Isn’t it wonderful to have so many choices.

Thrill Rides

There are many rides at the Disney World Parks. The questions we need answered are: What Is Your Favorite Disney Thrill Ride? Does it matter if you ride them during the day or in the darkness of night? And what do you think of the rumor that has been circulating from the beginning of time. Will there be a new Villains Theme Park to compete with the rides at Universal? This would be a very exciting way to use the new Marvel Characters that Disney obtained when they purchased Marvel last year.

Here at D23Magic we have many favorites. Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Splash Mountain, Mission Space, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Test Track and the list goes on. I would have to say mine is Goofy Barnstormer.. just kidding.

We all gathered our votes and came to our winner. Or favorite Disney Thrill Ride has to be Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom. No matter how many times you ride it you get that feeling that right around the next corner…. Watch OUT…

We told you what we think now lets hear what you have to say. What Is Your Favorite Disney Thrill Ride?


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