Star Wars Weekends 2012 opening schedule

Star Wars Weekends 2012 opening schedule

Opening weekend for Star Wars Weekends is here. Below is a breakdown of the times for all the Star Wars Weekends events for May 18 – May 20 2012.

Park Hours: 8am to 10pm

Visiting Celebrities: James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein. Ray Park, Jerome Blake, Dee Bradley Baker

Padwan Mind Challenge Sorcerer Hat Stage
2:10pm and 6:30pm

Jedi Training Academy Star Tours Stage
9:15am, 9:45am, 10:15am, 10:45am, 11:15am, 11:45am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 3:45pm, 4:15pm, 4:45pm, 5:15pm, 6:15pm, 6:45pm

Rebel Star Wars Character Encounters
9am to 7pm

Imperial Star Wars Character Encounters
9am to 7:25pm

Celebrity Motorcade

Celebrity Welcome at Sorcerer Hat Stage

Behind the Force Premiere Theater
Host Ashley Eckstein and guest Dee Bradley Baker
11am and 1:45pm

Stars of the Saga Premiere Theater
Host James Arnold Taylor and guests Jerome Blake and Ray Park

Obi-Wan and Beyond Premiere Theater
Starring James Arnold Taylor and a Galaxy of Voices

Visit to the Maul Premiere Theater with host James Arnold Taylor – Starring Ray Park

Hyperspace Hoopla! Sorcerer Hat Stage


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