Tuesday Tips: The Beginners Guide

Tuesday Tips: The Beginners Guide

So you want to go to Walt Disney World. With four major theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot (bigger in itself than California’s Disneyland), Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – Walt Disney World can be complex and costly destination: all the more reason to plan carefully to get the most from your trip. Below are tips to help you have a great time.

But first, before you get there…

Tips for Walt Disney World – The Planning Stage

  • Pick your time of year with care. You need to balance four main factors: crowds, heat, park hours, and special events. During busy times, parks stay open late. When To Go?
  • Decide if you are going to stay inside Walt Disney World. Should I Stay Inside The Park?
  • Be sure to understand ticket purchase. See Disney Tickets where we get into more details.
  • Check out age and height requirements for attractions: you don’t want your child to look forward to a ride he/she can’t go on!
  • Check ride refurbishments: if your child has a favorite attraction, make sure it isn’t closed for maintenance.
  • Study the park calendars for parades, live entertainment, and fireworks, so that you get the most from each day. Remember, distances between the parks are considerable, so if you want to end up in a particular park for fireworks, plan accordingly!
  • If you decided to stay inside Walt Disney World make sure to use Magical Express

Tips for Walt Disney World – In the Theme Parks

1. Don’t miss out on your favorite ride: If you are traveling with children to small to ride certain attractions, consider using “rider swap”. How it works: Adults and all children will go on line together, and then one adult will ride with older child, leaving the younger one with the other adult behind. Once the ride is finished, the adults will switch places.

2. Hmm choices, which park will you go to today. One way to choose is by going when “Extra Magic Hours” are available. Keep in mind that, every day, one of the four theme parks opens early or closes late for Disney World resort guests only. Just another reason to stay within Walt Disney World.

3. Get to the theme parks early: Especially if you are planning to visit Disney’s water parks. which can become extremely crowed by noon. Animal Kingdom theme park is good early because the animals tend to be more active in the morning, less heat, humidity and the park closes early.

4. Take it Easy: Go to the park of your choice early in the morning; take a break in the afternoon and return to your resort or hotel when the day is hottest; then return to the parks in the evening. Three of the theme parks have special night-time events.

5. Use Fastpass: It’s free, and it saves you from standing in line for the popular rides.

6. Pack a bag: Walt Disney World allows you to bring snacks and drinks which saves you money especially on those hot & humid days.

7. Food is very expensive in the parks. You might want to consider attending the character buffets late in the morning so it will carry you through lunch or a very late lunch and fill you up through dinner.

8. Take advantage of advance reservations for restaurants. It will get you seated quickly instead of waiting to eat saving you time.

9. Disney Transportation: When you stay at a Disney resort, transportation to and from hotel, parks and the Orlando airport are free, making it extremely convenient.

10. Try to keep cool on those hot and humid days by dressing light, drink lots of water and eat in air conditioned facilities.

Bonus Tip: HAVE FUN. This is a vacation. Don’t try and do everything all at once. You will never be able to see everything, you will get frustrated because you feel like your rushing to get from one attraction to the next. Discuss with your family what are your must sees and do them first.

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