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Disney Cruise Line

Adults Only Activities:
Mention the word “Disney” to most people and the first word that comes to mind is “children”. Happily, Disney Cruise Line recognizes that adults need their own cruise experience. They have designed the ship and activities so that adults have their own exclusive sections to enjoy.

  • Night Clubs
  • Vista Spa

Children Activities:
Fulfilling the needs of children and families is one of the things that Disney does best, and the Disney Cruise Line ships are no exception. Children may choose to participate in the organized programs of the Oceaneer Club and Lab, or enjoy a variety of activities that are available throughout the day. Slipping and sliding down the chute into Mickey’s Pool, splashing and having fun in the sun in Goofy’s Family Pool, stretching in a morning workout at Goofy’s Family Fitness, family line dancing and ping pong are some of the many physical activities that you’ll find aboard these magnificent ships.

  • Flounder’s Reef (Infants 12 weeks-3 yrs)
  • Oceaneer’s Club (Kids 3-7)
  • Oceaneer’s Lab (Kids 8-12)
  • Teen Activities (Teens 13-17)
  • Photo Gallery

Fun for the Whole Family:
Studio Sea can be found on both ships and is situated on deck 4 mid-ship. You can bring the whole family in for “Family Karaoke” or compete in a dance contest, join the crew for a “Meet the Crew” party, or see a comedy show. Studio Sea hosts to a number of fun and exciting activities which is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Disney Cruise Line Stage Shows:
Each evening at the Walt Disney Theatre, a special show is offered for your entertainment. On the Disney Wonder there are the Broadway caliber productions of “The Golden Mickey’s”, “Disney Dreams” and “Toy Story the Musical.” On the Disney Magic there’s The Golden Mickey’s”, “Disney Dreams” and “Twice Charmed, An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story.” On some voyages you may be treated to a “Prem-Ear” of a new blockbuster Disney movie, or a variety show.

There’s also the Buena Vista movie theatre on board which plays some of the latest Disney movies.

Onboard Shopping:
When that urge for Disney Cruise Line merchandise strikes, the Magic has four retail shops that offer exclusive DCL merchandise as well as a variety of other products and duty-free goods. Onboard Shopping Information

Disney Cruise Line Onboard Movies:
In your stateroom, you can watch movies on the All Movie channel or the Disney Animated movie channel. You also have the option of watching first run Disney films in the Buena Vista Theater (these can be live action or animated). While the movies being offered vary from cruise to cruise, the below list will give you a general idea of what type of films are shown.

Disney Cruise Recreational Activities:
All of the pools on the Disney Cruise ships are located on deck 9 and are surrounded by lounge chairs. On the outer perimeter there are tables and chairs. At each pool there’s a bar area.

Mickey Pool:
Designed for the littler Mouseketeers, this pool is in the shape of Mickey’s famous profile. One of his “ears” is self contained with continuous filtration and is designed for the swim diaper set.

There’s a great slide for the kids that’s in the shape of Mickey’s arm. On the Wonder, the area under Mickey’s hand has fountains and splash areas for toddlers to enjoy.

Goofy Pool:
Centrally located, this is another of the family pools. On the bottom is a picture of Goofy and there are two large hot tubs for Mom and Dad to enjoy while keeping a watchful eye on the kids.

Quiet Cove Pool:
This pool and surrounding area is adults only, ages 18 and up. There are two oversized whirlpool spas at one end of the pool making this the perfect spot to relax. On the Wonder there are cascading waterfalls into the pool. On both the Magic and Wonder, Signals, the poolside bar, is a great place to get the cocktail of the day or other tropical libation.

You’ll be the envy of your friends back home when you describe sinking a three-pointer while at sea. These spacious courts are also used as an outdoor activity area for the kid’s clubs.

What’s a cruise ship without a shuffleboard? Keeping with tradition, deck 4 has shuffleboards for your enjoyment.

Ping Pong:
Located on deck 9, the Ping Pong tables are a fun activity. Just bring your sense of humor since the movement of the ship can sometimes send you scurrying after your “perfect serve.”

Head to deck 4 which is 1/3 of a mile around. Some of the space is enclosed, but for the most part you’ll have incredible views while you enjoy your jog.

Accessing the Internet:
If your laptop is wireless ready, you can bring it onboard and use it to surf the ‘net and have full access to your personal files.

Disney Cruise Line Personal Navigators:
Each night in your stateroom, you will receive a personal navigator, a newsletter-type document which outlines all activities on the ship (as well as shore excursions) for the next day. Navigators Infomation

Smoking is permitted in the following areas:
Cove Cafe (Starboard Side) – Cigar smoking is also permitted
Decks 4, 9, & 10 starboard side of the ship, except around Mickey’s Pool
Guest’s private verandah (Cats 1-7)

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