Fantasyland Expansion: Pooh’s Playful Spot and Ariel’s Grotto Closing

Fantasyland Expansion News

Pooh's Playful Spot

On April 11 2010 Pooh’s Playful Spot and Ariel’s Grotto will be closing as part of the massive Fantasyland Expansion. Walls will begin to appear all the way from ‘Ariel’s Grotto’ to ‘Mickey’s Toontown Fair’. The tree from the playground will be relocated into the queue of ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’. It’s sad to see these attractions leave but exciting to look into the future with the Fantasyland Expansion. We posted some pictures below. If you have any pictures you would like to ad feel free to upload them to the Fan Photo Section on D23Magics Facebook page.


Fantasyland Expansion Begins

Construction walls go up in Fantasyland as first stages of massive expansion construction begins

Construction walls running along the boundry of the Fantasyland expansion area are now visible from guest areas within the current Fantasyland. A new wall is up that begins by Mickey’s Toontown Fair and then runs along the edge of the current Fantasyland behind Pooh’s Playful Spot along to Ariel’s Grotto.

In another sign of work ramping up, one of the backstage parking areas behind Toontown Fair has now been sealed off from cast use.