Tuesday Tips: The Beginners Guide

Tuesday Tips: The Beginners Guide

So you want to go to Walt Disney World. With four major theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot (bigger in itself than California’s Disneyland), Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – Walt Disney World can be complex and costly destination: all the more reason to plan carefully to get the most from your trip. Below are tips to help you have a great time.

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Disney Pin Trading

Disney Pin Trading is the buying and trading of collectible pins and related items featuring Disney characters, attractions, icons, and other elements. Many thousands of unique pins have been created over the years. Pins are available for a limited time; the base price for a pin is US$6.95. Limited edition pins, and special pins (e.g. pins that have a dangle, pin-on-pin, flocking, lenticular, light-up, moving element, 3-D element, etc.) cost up to $14.95. Featured Artist and Jumbo Pins cost between $20 and $35 and Super Jumbo pins cost upwards of, and sometimes beyond, $75. Each guest may purchase up to two pins of each style per day. Pins are frequently released at special events, movie premiers, pin trading events or to commemorate the opening day of a new attraction. Some pins have appreciated well on the secondary market and have reached prices of over US$500 at venues such as eBay. Most Disney pins are enamel or enamel cloisonné with a metal base.

Disney Trading Pins

As of 2008, trading pins are no longer sold in stores outside of those located at the theme parks, and are only available through ordering them at the online Disney Store. Disney Shopping has offered limited edition pins on their website since Disney Auctions was closed. Continue Reading →

Short planning guide to Walt Disney World

Finding the perfect time to plan a Disney Vacation can be tricky, as many people have the same ideas…

Here are some easy steps to ensure good weather and less crowds on your magical vacation to Disney World!

Decide what kind of weather you would like.

If you want to get a tan and spend part of the day by the pool, avoid November through beginning of February.

If you want to stay warm but dread 100% humidity and unbearably hot days, avoid July and August.

Next, is it important to you to be apart of Holiday festivities? Even though it is gorgeous at Christmas, as the parks decorate to the max and parades and events are countless, expect heavy crowds and colder weather. My favorite time of the year.

Very Busy: (reminder the parks will close down if they are overfilled)

June – School’s out, it’s the middle of the year and vacation time begins being used
August – The last of the summer months… Again, kids are still off and people want to get in their last minute vacations
December – Tons of time off for both students and employees. Lots of attractions draw crowds and families are together for holidays.

Avoid Holiday Weekends:

January – New Years Eve/New Years Day
February – Presidents Day Weekend
May – Memorial Day Weekend
July – 4th of July
Sept – Labor Day Weekend
October – Columbus Day Weekend
November – Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Avoid Summer months if possible:

Disney Resorts have MANY specials going on August-September. To get more people in the parks, they offer discounted hotel stay and free meal plans to guest staying in their resorts. As it may look desirable to anyone on a budget, the lines are extremely long and the weather is extremely hot!

The Best Times to go:

January – 1 week AFTER New Years until the end of the month
February – Until week 3
April – Every week but the week of Easter (if it falls in April)
May – Until week 2
September – Last week
October/November – Until Thanksgiving

Calendar Guide:

  Temperature (average)
high low
Rainfall (average)
Average hours of sun Best time to go
January 71ºf / 22ºc 49ºf / 9.5ºc 2.3 7 A very quiet time of year.
February 73ºf / 23ºc 50ºf / 10ºc 3.0 8 Crowds still quite small, until mid-Feb.
March 78ºf / 26ºc 55ºf / 13ºc 3.2 8 Crowds high during Spring Break.
April 83ºf / 28.5ºc 59ºf / 15ºc 1.8 9 Crowds high during Spring Break &amp Easter, which is very busy.
May 88ºf / 31ºc 66ºf / 19ºc 3.6 10 Crowds are moderate, but towards the end of the month, there are more school groups visiting.
June 91ºf / 33ºc 72ºf / 22.5ºc 7.3 9 Starts to get very busy as schools break up for the summer.
July 92ºf / 33.5ºc 73ºf / 23ºc 7.2 8 One of the busiest times of year. July 4th is traditionally one of the busiest days at WDW.
August 92ºf / 33.5ºc 73ºf / 23ºc 6.8 8 The early part of the month is still very busy, but starts to quiet down towards the end of the month.
September  90ºf / 32.5ºc 72ºf / 22ºc 6.0 8 One of the quietest times of year to go.
October 85ºf / 29.5ºc 66ºf / 18.5ºc 2.4 8 Another quiet month
November 79ºf / 26.5ºc 58ºf / 14.5ºc 2.3 8 Still quiet, up until Thanksgiving week, when the parks can be quite busy.
December 73ºf / 23ºc 51ºf / 11ºc 2.2 7 Early December is a very quiet & beautiful time, the Christmas decorations are up &amp there are events such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Things start to get busy as Christmas approaches, with Christmas week through to New Year being one of the busiest periods at WDW.