Hidden Mickey: Disney’s Grand Floridian

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Hidden Mickey: Disney's Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian – Palm Trees

Hidden Mickey’s could be anywhere, or your brain can make you think they are. This Hidden Mickey could be an amazing planned design or just a trick of the eye. You be the judge. Click To Continue

Hidden Mickey: World Showcase

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This Hidden Mickey is only in the late afternoon at the Outpost in the World Showcase. It is formed by the shadows from the table and chairs.


Hidden Mickey: Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness – Kennel Sign

There are two Hidden Mickeys on the FW Kennel sign. They are underneath the word “Club”, one on the left and one on the right. They are in the scrollwork.


Hidden Mickey: Princess and The Frog

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Hidden Mickey’s aren’t just in Walt Disney Parks.. They are hidden throughout Disney movies too. There are 2 “The Princess And The Frog” posters, and they both have hidden Mickey’s.

Poster 1; if you look at the circles carefully, you will see Mickey’s head.

Poster 2; look at the water, the lily plants on the water are shaped like 2 Mickey heads.


Hidden Mickey: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest Queue Line

Walk through the regular line, after entering the building, in the second room, on the second table there is a tin that looks like a Hidden Mickey was dented into it.

In the destroyed Tea Kettle, where the Yeti put two claws through it. The claw marks cause an indention and below it is a “smashed” part that is Mickey’s head.

Expedition Everest Queue Line Click To Continue

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