News: Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Closing May 18

News: Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Closing May 18

It will be your last few days to experince Kim Possible in Epcot. The Epcot attraction is set to close on May 18, 2012, to be replaced with “Disney Phineas and Ferb – Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure”.

“Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure” is coming to Epcot this summer, replacing “Disney Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure”. This change has been in the works for some time now. Continue Reading →

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is an ultra interactive quest at Epcot theme park based on the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible. Transform into secret agents, join Team Possible and help save the world from super-villains with the help of a high-tech “Kimmunicator”.

Join Team Possible

Guests of all ages can become secret agents. Volunteer at Team Possible recruitment centers in Innoventions: The Road to Tomorrow and on the Odyssey Bridge. You’ll receive your mission assignment and be sent out to thwart evildoers.

The Kimmunicator

Upon reporting for duty, recruits receive their super-secret Kimmunicators—interactive, handheld, cell-phone-like devices that help maneuver agents through their mission. Using state-of-the-art technology, your Kimmunicator will connect agents with a variety of Kim Possible characters who will provide clues to help stop super villains from carrying out their dastardly plans.

Your Mission

Embark on exciting quests for clues throughout Mexico Pavilion, Norway Pavilion, China Pavilion, Germany Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, France Pavilion or the United Kingdom Pavilion. Each pavilion hosts a different mission, so you can go back again and again.

Missions are designed with groups in mind and can last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. 2 to 4 agents can share a Kimmunicator. Kimmunicators even recognize when a team has broken away from the action—even secret agents need ice cream breaks—and will alter your mission accordingly.

The Bad Guys

Disney’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is really 7 different experiences with 7 unique super villains.

In the China Pavilion, for example, you must rescue the precious Jade Monkey from Lord Monkeyfist and his monkey ninjas. In the Germany Pavilion, you must stop Professor Dementor from using his evil mind-control device to influence world leaders.

Not every villain has such dark intentions behind their dreams of global domination. In the United Kingdom Pavilion, Duff Killigan simply wants to turn the earth into a giant golf course.

Hidden Rewards

Upon successfully completing your mission, you’ll experience a secret finale event, and then you can return your Kimmunicator knowing that you’ve done your part to save the world.

Hurry! Kim Possible needs your help!