Tuesday Tips: The Beginners Guide

Tuesday Tips: The Beginners Guide

So you want to go to Walt Disney World. With four major theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot (bigger in itself than California’s Disneyland), Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – Walt Disney World can be complex and costly destination: all the more reason to plan carefully to get the most from your trip. Below are tips to help you have a great time.

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Tuesday Tips: Is There An App For That?

If you watch TV as much as we do I am sure you have seen the commercials for the Verizon Disney Parks Mobile Magic app. D23Magic would like to help you understand what options and features these app’s have. Bellow we break down some of the most used Disney app’s you can use on your next trip to a Walt Disney Park. The app’s are sorted least to most expensive.

Is There An App For That

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Tuesdays Tips: What Is Your Best Tip?

Walt Disney World Vacation Tips. With four major theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – a Walt Disney World vacation can be complex and costly: all the more reason to plan carefully to make sure you have the best possible time. D23Magic wants to help by providing you with the most information possible. Below we break our tips into two categories, The Planning Stage and Inside The Park.

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10 ways to save money on a Walt Disney World Vacation

Save Money Now

Here at D23Magic we want to help you make the most of your Disney experience. We have come up with 10 great ways to help you save money on your next trip.

1. Airfare – There are three services we would like to suggest when purchasing your airfare. The first is Bing located here: Bing.com. Bing offers a great tool that predicts the price if its time to buy or wait. Expedia is one of the leading travel sites for discount airfare. Finally we have Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is one of the best websites to read other travelers feedback and suggestions.

2. Trip Length – Plan your trip to ideally be at least 6 days long. Disney World has set their pricing structure such that you get the greatest benefit at about 6 days. The tickets are one of the most expensive parts of your trip and choosing 6 days will help you maximize your value for ticket purchases. We will use a Park Hopper with no water parks as our example. If you take a look at the ticket prices you will notice that the first 4 days ($320.00 and set to rise) are the most expensive. Anything after the 4th day is approximately $8.00 more each additional day. A 6 day ticket will cost you $335.00 at Walt Disney World.

Learning about ticket prices is great but how do you save even more on tickets? We have a solution. The trusted name in attraction tickets is Undercover Tourist. Your ticket prices using Undercover Tourist would be 299.95 for a 4 day Park Hopper and $311.95 for a 6 day. Also consider purchasing your tickets ahead of time to offset any price changes in the future and break up the expense over time. Continue Reading →

Tuesdays Tips: Tom Sawyer Island

Thought you knew every inch of the Magic Kingdom?

Tom Sawyer Island

If there was ever an undiscovered treasure in Walt Disney World, it’s Tom Sawyer Island and Ft. Langhorn, located in the Magic Kingdom.

Tom Sawyer Island is a lushly-landscaped outdoor playground in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom theme park where children of all ages can relive the rustic 19th-century adventures depicted in the novels of Mark Twain.

The wooded island is surrounded by the pastoral Rivers of America, and the only way to reach the island is aboard a raft that docks at Tom’s Landing near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Sail across the river to romp through dense forests, forge rugged trails, cross swinging suspension bridges, explore mysterious caves, take shelter in a frontier fort built from unfinished timber and embark on mischievous, playful adventures—just like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Discover hidden treasures for those who care to do a little exploring; highlights include the mysterious jewels hidden deep in the dark caves, the creaky waterwheel at Harper’s Mill, the bouncy barrel bridge and Fort Langhorn with its twisting escape tunnel.

How do you get there?
To get to Tom Sawyer island, you’ll take one of four small rafts from Tom’s Landing located across from Big Thunder Rail Road. The rafts are all named for characters in the book: Injun Joe, Huck Finn, Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer. Each raft carries about 55 people and contrary to popular belief, they do not run on rails or tracks but are free floating vessels.

Early in the morning, cast members hide several paintbrushes for guests to find. If you find one, let a cast member know and you’ll be rewarded with a small prize, such as a soft drink or a pass to get to the front of the line of an attraction, for your entire group. The island is a great place for kids to stretch their legs and for parents to relax and since it’s Disney, it’s all very safe. Kids will love climbing up and down the stairs at Fort Langhorn and exploring all the rooms. From the lookout towers, they can fire popguns at imaginary targets.

Tom Sawyer Island usually opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at Dusk. Be sure to check the daily schedule for the exact closing time. If you want to get a snack, Aunt Polly’s Place sells sandwiches and refreshments. It’s open seasonally. Even when it’s closed, Aunt Polly’s makes a great place to sit and relax; consider bringing a sack lunch and eating it there.

Foldable strollers are allow on the Island, but must be folded before boarding the raft. Most people will find strollers hard to use on the island as the paths are not made for them and there are a lot of steps. Still for some it is the only way to get around the large island.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park Frontierland

Height Requirement:
Any Height

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